FAST PRO 2 Competition

Doladěný aerodynamicky tvarovaný závodní kajak

The original Fast Pro was special in that it was one of the only (perhaps THE only?) fully reclined and enclosed harnesses available with the coveted DHV Gütesiegel. Since then the DHV has changed the rules so that the certification has lapsed, and with the FAI now allowing only certified harnesses in the big Cat 1 comps it was clear that something had to be done. While we were at it we made some smallish but significant changes to a few other things that were in need of attention, notably by making the pod closure much simpler, by re-designing the cockpit to be more spacious and more aerodynamic all at the same time, and by re-routing the speed system so that you don't need the manual to set it up...The harness is a no-compromise need-for-speed design, yet in the air it feels surprisingly comfortable, not least due to the many advanced materials employed. The Fast Pro II remains the most aerodynamic design available, and due to the long tail fairing is also the rarest of things; a fully faired comp harness that is directionally stable in the direction of the flow The UP Fast Pro basically comes in two sizes, but since the leg cover comes in three sizes and is interchangeable it is possible to adapt it to a very large range of user sizes. See below for details. The harness may be manufactured for left- and right hand deployment of the reserve parachute - don't forget to specify if you wish to have the handle mounted on the left side! Expect a bit longer delivery times for left-deployment harnesses.