Nabízíme mnoho doplňků, které Vám zpříjemní Váš paraglidingový život


Harnesses keep growing, and the demands to the glider bags as well. We have responded to this development and made an entirely new bag that will accomodate all your kit AND be great to carry. Available in Small, Medium and Large, for everything from alpine to tandem use.

UP listovací vak - PROTEC BAG

Most modern paragliders have some sort of rigid inserts in the leading edge. In order to protect these inserts the gliders should be packed "accordion-style", and this bag helps you get it right every time, regardless of the surface. In order to help you choose a Protec bag for your UP wing, or for a wing from any other manufacturer, click here for some tables you can use

UP květákový vak - STUFFSACK

For fast packing or for protecting the wing on sun drenched launches.

UP pultík - COCPIT

The all new UP cockpit was completely redesigned, we payed special attention to the ergonomics. It is less chunky and comes with a lid, that when zipped up, protects your instruments from the elements. When unzipped and folded back, the lid acts as belt loop, allowing you to attach the cockpit to your chest strap. The adjacent ribbons are attached to the ‘biners and allow you to finetune the exact angle of the deck. A Velcro sun visor unfolds in the front and aids in reading off and protecting your instruments.


Pilots who travel are well aware that getting all their kit on board planes can sometimes be a challenge. The UP Travel bag is designed to make life easier for them. The travel bag is intended as a carry-on bag and holds all your heavies as well as clothing for a good week out flying.

UP ledvinka - HIP BAG

Modern classic, a bag made of best materials. With many well thought out details.

UP taška - PORTER

Intended for your laptop and office essentials, this UP bag will show your brand even when you're officebound. Plenty of room for all the things that go with the laptop,

UP speed

Three steps accelerator for more speed. Easily reachable. Made of a durable and lightweight steel wire and aluminium combination.

UP komfortní řidičky

Not only Acro pilots tend to like having the handles around their wrists and standard handles are not suited for this. These padded ones are, plus you can easily change their size to fit in with gloves. Equipped with both magnetic and standard poppers, they easily attach to all standard risers available.

UP větrný rukáv

Small – diameter 20/30 cm, length 120 cm Big – diameter 25/40 cm, length 260 cm Both available in red/grey or orange/grey